OK, here's the plan

This post is by Megan Lloyd who will be bringing you monthly updates from here on out on everything that's happening with the Westwood Food Co-op. Read more to learn about what you can expect, and why.

When I first began my work with Re:Vision, the Westwood Food Co-op site was essentially the remnants of an old junkyard. There was a giant warehouse made of scrap metal, stocked full of more scrap metal and strange debris.

For the last few months, I have written you newsletters and updates that put a lot of emphasis on the grocery side of the Westwood Food Co-op; finding the right products and producers, and the journey of testing these products through La Tiendita. That’s because this market is a really big deal! For the first time ever there’s going to be a grocery store in Westwood that is owned and operated by the community it serves.

You’re on this list because you are already a member or you’ve backed the Kickstarter campaign. And here is how things are going to change a little bit moving forward with these newsletters; from now on, we want to give you detailed insights into the bigger picture. Re:Vision's work expands far beyond the walls of the market, and we want to bring you with us. We want to take you through the design process, and how we’re getting YOUR input for YOUR store. On a monthly basis we will share with you our latest development plans, the decisions that we’re making, the colors that we’re choosing, and the ideas we are testing out. In witnessing photos and maps and ideas come to life, we hope you will see a little of what we see every day - how the redevelopment of this site and space is lifting up our community partners, increasing Re:Vision’s capacity, and making it so that as a community we can solve problems nimbly and as a united front. This isn’t just about food. This is about shifting a paradigm.
There is a lot going on over here at Re:Vision. We are launching new programs and trainings, working to fund projects and dreams, and pushing the limits of what health, food access, and leadership mean in Westwood. There are hard days in this job, days when I struggle to believe that any of this is possible—that we are doing enough, that all of this time and effort is totally effective.
On those days I walk across the street to the future home of the Westwood Food Co-op. I see that concrete pad where the metal warehouse used to stand, emptied by demolition crews and volunteers, and I picture the greenhouse filled with seedlings for our growing number of backyard gardens. I see the giant compost pile that will enrich the previously damaged soil, now organized into beds full of onion seeds and irrigation systems. I see an old house, now cleaned out and revamped for the fitness and educational center to be up and running this December by our amazing partners at Westwood Unidos. I see a shipping container fitted for the Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch crew of edible cricket growers. I imagine a welcoming and collaborative co-working office space that allows Re:Vision to cultivate this and other projects.
And I think about all the people of Westwood – and so many of you - who have given so much of themselves to ensure that this dream becomes a reality.
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