Co-op Update

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So much has been happening lately - we're so sorry we haven't been better about being in touch. But no time like the present to change that, so here we go!

As many of you know, we had elections for our board of directors in November and are excited to say we have 12 amazing and active board members - meet them here. In January, we had a board retreat where we all holed up in Re:Vision's offices for 9 hours and dove into learning about other co-op models, discussions around how other food co-ops that are trying to get started here in Denver may affect us (and how we can collaborate with them!), and ended with some intense discussions around membership recruitment strategies.

In February, the board approved a budget as drafted by the Finance Committee. As of now, we have around $14,000 in our bank account (all from member dues - thank you!). The budget approved minor expenses such as website and email hosting, membership meeting expenses, and other membership recruitment and fundraising expenses - such as t-shirts. 

In March, Joseph Teipel, our board president, was sponsored to present at, and attend, the 2016 Up & Coming Food Co-op Conference in Bloomington, Indiana. This was an incredible conference - attended by representatives from more than 60 other food co-op start-ups around the nation. Not only did Joseph present on the WFC story, but he was also able to learn from co-op experts and network with others from co-ops in similar stages of development. Bottom line is that the WFC is on track! With two years of formation under our belts and 225 members, along with a market study, we're on par with 'normal' food co-op start-ups. As an added bonus, Westwood Food Co-op was chosen at random from the other co-op attendees to receive a $1,200 grant to go towards expert consulting services!! The board has chosen to use this, along with matching dollars from Re:Vision, to engage a consultant to create a financial pro-forma. Stay tuned for future blog updates about what a pro-forma is.

Finally, we're excited to announce the co-op will have an intern this summer! The intern will technically work at Re:Vision, but will be focused on working with the co-op to boost membership, increase communication, and take us to the next level!

For even more info, please come to our Membership & Community Dinner on Thursday, June 9th at 6pm at 3738 Morrison Rd - the future site of the co-op!