What it means to be a member-owner

Ever wonder why we're always saying 'member-owner' instead of just member? Well read on and we'll explain it all. Are you a member of a club? Perhaps Sam's Club, or Costco. Or maybe you have member card to King Soopers or Safeway. While these are all great memberships to have, its important to know off the bat that this is not the same as becoming a member of the Westwood Food Cooperative, or any cooperative for that matter. 

Cooperative businesses are incredible and unique in their structure and are all built on the premise of member ownership - that the members of the business are actually the legal owners of that business. As owners, individuals are invested in the business - both financially and personally - and have a stake in seeing that business succeed. As a member of Safeway, you might enjoy member-only discounts on certain products, but you don't really have a stake in the success or profitability of Safeway as a company. 

But perhaps you're a stock holder of a company? Then you do indeed have a stake in the profitability or success of that business. Hopefully if you're a share holder then you shop there too or buy its products - and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You recognize the more shoppers the more success and therefore more profits. However your ownership and stake in that company is based on the number of dollars you invested, right? So $200 probably only bought you a fraction of one percent ownership - and therefore a fraction of one percent of control in the company. So, the more wealth you have, the more say you get in the company's operations, products, how they treat their employees, and so on. 

With a cooperative business however, and specifically with the Westwood Food Cooperative, your ownership and control of the company is actually based on your person. One member, one vote. So $200 in the WFC buys you control for life - the right and responsibility to vote for the board of directors and to guide important decisions at the annual meetings. 

So - to be a member-owner - this distinction is critical. We need you - yes you! - to join, to become an owner of this business. By becoming a member-owner, you not only take on the responsibility of owning this company, you have the opportunity to make it what you want - to control of your own destiny. Join us today - click here