A Community without a Grocery Store Leads to a Community-Owned Grocery Store

About westwood

Westwood has the largest youth population in Denver, along with the highest rate of childhood obesity. Westwood has the highest density of people in Denver, yet no grocery stores. Westwood has the second highest poverty rates, yet no major industry or employers. 

Westwood's strength is its people. The residents of Westwood have come together to form some of the most forward thinking and inspiring community-led models in the country. 

our solution

In 2014, with the help of a local nonprofit organization called Re:Vision, a group of residents formed the Westwood Food Cooperative (WFC). The WFC is a member-owned and operated grocery store. The purpose of the WFC is to increase access and affordability of fresh and healthy food, while empowering community ownership and increasing community wealth. 

The Westwood Food Cooperative will be one of the first co-op grocery stores in Denver (since the Common Market closed in 1980). It will be the first grocery store in Westwood since the last one shut its doors in the 90's. And it will be one of the first grocery stores in the country to be owned by a community living in a food desert.


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