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Food Co-op Initiative - www.fci.coop - This is truly a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you could want to know about starting a food cooperative. From financial and planning resources to member recruitment timelines and benchmarks, you could get lost in this site for days!

Member Recruitment

Why do we even need member-owners?? Check out our blog here for the basics of why member-owners are the foundation of the co-op and how we literally cannot exist without them.

Brochures! (English or Spanish)- download and send this to your friends, family, or print it off and take some to your local coffee shop or corner store! 

Membership form - this is what you'll need to have folks sign/fill out if they want to become a member-owner! Please note that our mailing and office address for now is 4200 Morrison Rd Unit #7 - not 3735 like the form says! Completed forms can be mailed or dropped off here.

Talking points about the difference between Re:Vision and the Westwood Food Cooperative - we want to make sure we're clear that we're not Re:Vision, but that we're owned and driven by the community. 

Board of Directors

Board meeting minutes - given that we have a lot of these, we've created a separate page for them. The most recent (approved) minutes will be at the top of the page.